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Integrity First Properties

In a way, the concept of Integrity First Properties started when Marla was young.  Both of Marla’s parents were elementary school teachers.  During the summers we did some crazy projects including a summer building a new ski run on the slops of Colorado and other years renovating tired out homes.  We learned the skills of building to and renovating to make homes safe and nice to live in.  It was not just about doing the best job you can do but do help others have a great place to live.  We grew up with a strong work ethic.  Marla’s always loved to work with her hands and being involved in helping people.  

Marla’s brother has that same nack of working with his hands.  As a handyman he is always seeing how to make a house into a home.  

Skills Growing Up

  • Adding value to homes
  • Jackhammer (yes, she used a jack hammer at 10 years old)
  • Drywalling
  • Debt management
  • Keeping up with her brothers

Marla has lived all over the world including 12 years in Europe and Central Asia. Seeing all kinds of homes and community, she is more convinced than every that everyone needs a save place to live with a strong community around them.

Time overseas taught Marla how to relate to multiple cultures and appreciate what they bring to communities. Throughout Marla’s time overseas she was well connected with professionals in Orlando. The team of professionals continue to grow.

Marla is the founder of Integrity First Properties, LLC. With the goal of bringing value to neighborhoods and showing her nieces and nephews the value of hard work, integrity, and treating everyone with dignity. Her twelve years overseas was so valuable but she wanted a way to connect back with her family. The lessons she learned as a Regional Operations Director for Central Asia for a NGO built a strong foundation for helping you with your family and housing needs.

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